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Company Introduction

Stanley Travel Company Limited was established in Hong Kong in 1998, which has always been committed to serving the people of Hong Kong. We also provide organizations and individuals with the local travel and coach rental services. Currently, in terms of local travel services, we are the most professional and have the largest quantity. The average monthly number of groups even reached 450. Over the years we have undertaken more than 3,000 different items of the Social Welfare Department’s services, by providing local travel and coach rental services. We are an active member of The Federation of Hong Kong Chinese Travel Agents (FHCTA) and The Travel Industry Council (TIC). In addition, our travel licence number issued by the Travel Agents Registry is 352196. We also provide local travel and coach rental services in Hong Kong. Currently, our office is located at Room A, 14/Floor, Cheerful Commercial Building, 116-118 Ma Tau Wai Road, Hung Hom, Kowloon. Furthermore, we have more than 30 full-time employees, including clerks, tourist guides, fieldwork staff and coach drivers. We also have more than 50 part-time tourist guides. We have nicely organized local travel services to meet the needs of various groups.

Superior Services

We are famous for providing comprehensive local travel and coach rental services. We are also dedicated to meeting the travel needs of different clients. Our current business scope includes local group tour services (the minimum number of a group is 24 people), coach rental services. Our current business scope also includes hotel and restaurant catering reservation services, not to mention travel insurance services. In addition to all these, if you have special travel requirements, we must make an effort to meet your needs. If your travel group has more than 120 people and you would like to experience tourist spots or the environment beforehand, we would arrange a coach and a tour escort to accompany you for the trial tour, which is free. Nicely from this service can we confirm for our sincerity and outstanding performance of innovative services.

In the past, we were a local travel service provider for various HKSAR government agencies. We are experienced and do give you assurance regading our local travel services. The government angencies, which enjoyed our local travel services, include The Hong Kong Correctional Services Department, for example, Police Training School Staff Club, The Inland Revenue Department, The Labour Department, District Offices, Housing Estates, churches, elderly centres, schools, and so on. Today we keep abreast of the latest developments in the travel market, constantly looking for new attractions and restaurants, and develop new services. so as to totally meet the needs of our clients. Currently, we provide friends with a quality platform, which is aimed at sharing resources, so as to assist us to handle local travel services, for example, fancy coach parade services, coach rental services, and so on.

In 2012, thanks largely to our bold and innovative spirit, we once launched Hong Kong's first one and only tour, one-day Asia Television Limited (ATV) day tour. Our clients enjoyed this memorable tour.


We are experienced in providing travel services. As well as this, we are creative. We are ready to serve you.

If you have any queries, please contact 2706-4938 or send us an email to Note: If you are interested in our details of travel routes and services, please browse other pages within this site.

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